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Rocking Old Man Cock since 2003 [entries|friends|calendar]
old guys are sexy

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[14 Jun 2012|05:33am]


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[25 Feb 2012|10:15am]

Happy 69th birthday to George Harrison (who died too early at 58)

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the over and under-rated... [23 Sep 2010|07:11pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

Now, it's true he is one of the most highly rated actors of our time, but I can't help but feel that Tom Hanks is an all-too-underrated piece of sexy, distinguished, older gentleman. I'm actually astonished at the sheer number of people who've failed to recognize how attractive he is. A class act always, yet outgoing; wildly intelligent, playful and witty, Tom Hanks is welcome over or under me anytime.

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Ello [10 Apr 2010|12:57pm]

[ mood | :) ]

Hi! I was just lurking around on LJ, when I saw this Comm, and I was all like GDAKIS DNXHCHXJCHDJVDJSOJSLFHDGDDHFGFHDJDSgkskagdgk


My top ten favourite old guys would be something like

And number eleven would be Mr Rickman.

I am obsessed with guys with sexy voices.

OMG PROFESSOR SNAPE! (and a slight Harry Potter fetish)
Anyways, my kind of guys are the campy type, the feminine/androgynous type, or the well matures type<3

And Bowie....... *fangasms*

Ewan McGregor is maturing quite nicely… teehee

I also think Iggy Pop is seriously adorable.

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[26 Mar 2010|07:35am]

Steven Tyler

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Me + boys = useless. [21 Oct 2009|01:43am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Oh community...we never talk anymore!

Seriously- this place is dead. But I want to ask you something, so wake up!

Okay- so you see, I'm not too good at talking to boys, or any of that. And boys, they're not too good at realising you're talking to them in a certain kind of way. In a 'I want you to lie on top of me' way.

And the guy at the local mall....he's in his late 40s, shoulder length shaggy grey hair, tall, long legs, big nose- All the good stuff. He's like a mix between Dick Van Dyke and James May. He runs the watch repair booth and GODDAMN do I love going past that place on the escalator. WANT.

I like to imagine he has a name that's rather English and aristocratic, like George or Henry or James. I like to think he drives the classic white Mercedes I see in the parking lot all the time, the cherry one with the cream interior. I like to think he's not married, doesn't have a girlfriend, and sees me all the time, hoping one day I'll give him a chance to talk to him.

But I'm useless! Do any of you have older gents? How did you meet them? Were they easy to chat up? I'm worried that because he's an older man and I'm just some young large-breasted girl with alot of scissors that need sharpening, and he won't realise my pathetic attempts to chat him up. I haven't talked to him yet, fyi - I never feel pretty enough! (Why do I always go to the shops in my dodgy art clothes?)

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stargate pic spam [02 Oct 2009|11:23pm]

why I love stargate so much (besides storytelling etc)?
- eyecandy!

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[01 Oct 2009|11:44pm]

I'm going to do a wild guess, but does any one have pictures of James Dreyfus? I met him last week a few times at Breakfast at Tiffany's (backstage) and I REALLY liked him. I can't find any HQ's, but I'm particulary looking for these:


With no watermark of course.

So here as a treat, the pic me and my friend took with him: 3

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[22 Jul 2009|02:44am]

Dead community is dead or...?

David Morse: To sex or not to sex?Collapse )

Mnow, some of you might remember him from St. Elsewhere or, where I discovered this blessing upon the human race, the unfortunately long-canceled Hack. UNF. 6'4", blue-eyed blonde... I dunno 'bout y'all, but I'd sex him into the next century. And then some.
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It's been awhile... [10 May 2009|01:28pm]

[ mood | content ]

So I've kinda forgotten about this comm and I miss it so I've come back to post a pic of my newest (who really isn't that new) obsession.

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Hi all [03 May 2009|02:25am]

[ mood | tired ]

I'm new to this community and am so glad to find out there are more people in the world like me !
I'm Sophie and am the grand old age of 17. Around my school I am known as the gerontophile/grave snatcher - so much so one of my teachers asked me if I'd started to take a fancy to corpses yet, to which I replied rather truthfully, 'No, No, I haven't started hitting on you yet, Have I?'. For my 17th Birthday last Month my friend even bought me a t-shirt saying 'I LOVE OLD MEN' on an on the back 'THE OLDER THE BETTER'... was an awkward bus journey crammed full of OAPs home that night wearing it... But yeah i've been a member of lj for a while but mostly use it to stalk my Morrissey communities - then came across this site so thought i'd share some of my golden oldies with you guys hope you don't mind !
<lj-cut text="My main men">
First and foremost my main obsession since April 3rd 2006 since I was a wee whippersnapper at the age of 14 (yes I remember the exact date... I should be locked up really...for his safety more than anything else)
Absolutely beautiful outside and in no matter the age and incredible live - can't wait to see him again in 3 weeks today- personally prefer him in the 90s sort of era but now I still would not say no. He probably would but shh.

Now onto another, older man who I also was lucky enough to see live + have sing to me twice !
Billy Idol

Keeping it in the 50s region -
Marc Almond (I don't care if he is gay I am in love with him and will marry him one day I've decided... before I get locked away in a padded cell for doubts about my sanity I hope)
Going to see him live in November :D

Back into the 40s now with:
Mr. Dave Gahan - one sexy rockstar!
Who i'll also see live on December the 18th :D


As you can see I have a bit of a singer/musician fetish...
Though there are a fair few other older blokes I won't go on about for now
That's all I will leave you with for now before just I in case I get lynched for either having a weird taste in men or too many pictures :P

Ohh but I feel an obligatory photo of John Slattery should be posted as a farewell gesture...

I am still in mourning from his death in desperate housewives..

But yes, that's all folks sorry it's such a picspam
Hope some of you who may have as twisted a taste as me enjoy?

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[17 Apr 2009|07:26am]


Happy birthday Sean!

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[06 Apr 2009|03:44pm]

this is such a funny community. i just joined- i have always loved older men- in high school i always had crushes on my male teachers. anyway just thought i'd say hi. i'm 22 and my boyfriend is 51 we have been together for a year and a half as of may. :-)
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[26 Mar 2009|05:26pm]

Happy 78th birthday to Leonard Nimoy

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[26 Mar 2009|06:14am]

Happy 61st birthday to one of the worlds must beautiful and talented men

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Just a few... [21 Jan 2009|10:57pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I realized that after my intro post, I never posted any pictures! So, here are a few of the Python boys, for you to gaze lustily at.

Holy sex, Batman!Collapse )
Circa the Python days, of course. But they're still good to look at!
Oh yeah, I'm not sure how to tag this... Any specifics?

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[14 Jan 2009|12:29pm]

Hey everybody. I'm 26 and new to the group and I love older men. I always end up dating or sleeping with older men. Some say its a daddy complex and maybe it is. But whatever it is I just have a real thing for older good looking men. I don't feel its wrong I feel its right in my book.
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Rocking the cock in 3..2.. [15 Dec 2008|02:22am]

[ mood | predatory ]

Alright punters? I was here a looooong time ago (and one vintage-meat) but I've come back again! hooray!

Stating the obvious- I love older men. I have done since always, though now I'm 34 it's getting to the point where the age difference isn't so huge. I don't know how I feel about that but most of my favourite men are all well past midfield!

I've never been into the classic good looks that you find on a hair dye ad- I prefer the slightly scruffy types- a bit of a belly, great dress sense, grey hair is a must...British accents up the sexy points by a frillion, an arty type with a love for history/art/design/food anything 'poncey' is super points...

Stop talking and make with the old man love you say.

wanted- James May, Jeremy Clarkson, Geoffrey Rush, Kevin McCloud, Tony Robinson...Collapse )

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Oh, Dear to Dear Older Man [23 Oct 2008|12:01pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Okay, okay. So, I definitely dig older guys--particularly of the Jeremy Irons/Gary Oldman variety. . .grey, maybe a little scruffy, scars a plus. I'll take them charming and fun-loving, too, please. And attracting older men, in general, is not an issue, especially if I'm clad in knee-high socks or bouncing around. But I seem to have an issue attracting the type I like. I'm bouncy, interested, cheerful, and a pretty agreeable girl. I don't think I'm a beast, either, but see for yourself. (if you do some digging around, you'll see my boyfriend, but, we're poly. Could that be my obstacle?)

How do you really interest an older man? When you manage to gather some contact information (usually an e-mail, in my case), what do you say to hint at an interest, particularly unprompted? And how, in general, do you act around them? I'm rather frustrated with all this, because I feel like I have the right tools, but I don't know how to use them.


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